Welcome to the OpenSFS and Lustre Community Portal

The Lustre® file system is an open-source, parallel file system that supports many requirements of leadership class HPC simulation environments. Whether you’re a member of our diverse development community or considering the Lustre file system as a parallel file system solution, this portal offers a wealth of resources and support to meet your needs.

What’s Here?

  • Here’s how to get started with the Lustre file system, with links to the documentation, and information on how to download the Lustre software.
  • The Releases Roadmap outlines the community’s schedule of releases and main features.
  • The Lustre working groups oversee the activities of the Lustre development community. Many of the Working Groups are open to all interested attendees.  See the Upcoming Events box on the right for meeting schedule information.
  • The Development page describes how you can participate in the advancement of the Lustre file system by joining the development activities currently taking place, including code development, testing, filing bugs, and benchmarking.
  • Latest News about Lustre developments, summarized in the top box on the right.
  • Learn more about Lustre.
  • Learn about Open Scalable File Systems, OpenSFS, the non-profit organization that supports the advancement of the Lustre file system.
  • Find out about upcoming OpenSFS/Lustre events.

Join and participate in the Lustre Community.